Nap Mat Versus the Sleeping Bag – what are the biggest differences?

The MyNapPak nap mat is made specifically for small children and toddlers, from a comfortable mix of poly/cotton fibers and is easy to wash. The integral pillow is designed to be just right for a toddler’s head, and the fleece blanket stays put, as it attached to the comfortable under pad. Add some fun and fancy designs on the fabric and you’ll find that with the nap mat versus the sleeping bag, the MyNapPak nap mat wins every time.

A sleeping bag is a big long tube, very often made from durable but not very absorbent fibers. They do not have soft built in pillows and they are difficult to get in and out of, especially for a toddler. He won’t be too impressed with the plain drab designs that sleeping bags normally come in.

You may constantly worry that he will disappear down into that tube and sweat too much or suffocate, so they are definitely not a good alternative to the MyNapPak nap mat. If he gets too hot on a nap mat he can move the soft fleece blanket off himself, with a sleeping bag he will be literally stuck.

When he’s finished sleeping, your little one can throw back his fleece blanket – embroidered with his name in big letters – he certainly doesn’t get any of that with a sleeping bag. He may even end up with a metal zipper pattern all the way across his face!

That’s another thing – the MyNapPak nap mat comes with easy Velcro closures, so your child can roll up his own nap mat and stow it in his locker. Most sleeping bags won’t even fit in a small child’s locker!

Sleeping bags come with heavy duty metal zips, even grown ups can have trouble with the zippers – so how will a toddler manage?

The nap mat versus the sleeping bag? There’s no comparison, the MyNapPak nap mat wins hands down every time, for comfort, safety and looks. Ask any small child who owns one!